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Turn 1: The Campaign Begins!


Eight players from Ohio began on the day after Christmas to play Beaver Wars, a campaign for Song of Drums and Tomahawks. We would meet in a local pizzeria that had volunteered their party room for our use once a month (under the agreement we would purchase our lunch there after gaming!). Click on Turn 1 above to read the report on the Lead Legionaries site.

Turn 2: Four battles rage in Ohio!


Seneca Warriors brawl with their Erie rivals inside a European trading post

This turn's clashes included a rum-induced brawl between opposing Seneca and Erie trading groups inside the walls of a European fort, a Shawnee ambush of a Mohawk traders portaging their goods past a rapids, angry Kickapoo villagers chasing down a band of raiders from the Neutral tribe -- who'd seized captives while the men were off hunting, and finally, Miami warriors lay in wait for a Susquehannock trading party escorting pack horses along a forest path. Click on Turn 2 above to read the reports and check out the photos on the Lead Legionaries site.

Turn 3: Neutrals Tribe Edges Into Lead After Fighting Off Seneca Ambush


Erie warriors enter a Susquehannock palisaded village in this Turn 3 raid

A discussion of how the GM handled orders and the process for which tribe attacks which tribe starts off this blog entry from Turn 3 of the campaign. Four new scenarios from the 18 provided in the book were chosen to be played. Some of the games proved to be very one-sided this time around, with one pair of players agreeing to an immediate, friendly rematch! Click on Turn 3 above to read the report and see the photos on the Lead Legionaries site.

Turn 4: Neutrals and Shawnee move into the lead!


Hunters find tracks near the canoes and quickly fan out, suspecting ambush

This campaign reports kicks off with a quick introduction into the way players’ forces can improve of the course of the campaign. My less-than successful Erie tribe was being attacked by the 3-0 Shawnee, so I would be at a slight disadvantage. The Beaver Wars system is designed to reward those who are successful, but not unduly handicap those who have struggled, so far. The rules are designed to avoid the “rich get richer, poor get poorer” aspect you see in some miniatures campaigns. Click on Turn 4 above to read the report and see the photos from the fourth month of campaigning Beaver Wars!

Turn 5: Shawnee Chief’s Narrowly Escapes from Honniasont Youths


The Shawnee chief in green near the campfire finds himself surrounded by dozens of angry Honniasont

A Shawnee warchief’s narrow escape from a vengeful band of Honniasont youths defending their village was the highlight of this week’s games. The scalping rules in Song of Drums and Tomahawks almost brought the tribe to grief, as the leader dashed along amidst a dozen angry Honniasont. Amazingly, he lived to tell the tale! Click on Turn 5 above to read the report and see photos from the halfway point in the 10-turn campaign!

Turn 6: Heroic Stand by Warrior from the Neutrals Tribe Worthy of Song


This doughty warrior (left) from the Neutrals tribe withstood fought off 3 Erie braves!

One of the things I enjoy most about Song of Drums and Tomahawks rules are the cinematic moments that seem to arise in every game. This week’s noble deed worthy of song occurred when three of my Erie warriors rush in to attack a warrior from the Neutrals tribe who was collecting a scalp from one of our fallen brethren. The warrior knocked down all three attackers, and then proceeded to finish them off, turn the skirmish in his tribe’s favor. Click on Turn 6 above to read the tale and see the photos from our sixth month — half a year — of campaigning.

Turn 7: Two of Four Battles Go Down to the Last Man Standing!


Seneca Warriors Rush the Entrance to a Neutrals Tribe Village

Our 7th week of our Beaver Wars campaign had an oddity occur in two of our four battles. Usually, a war party’s morale begins to fail after it has passed 50% losses. However, in two of our games, battles went down to the final man. It was one man left standing on each side, and the final result wasn’t known until the last, fatal blow from a tomahawk. Click on Turn 7 above to read the report and see the photos.

Turn 8: Other Tribes Seek to Take Down Campaign Leaders, Shawnee & Neutrals


Erie Hunters Portage Bundles of Furs Between Rapids Unsuspecting of Ambush Ahead

The middle of the pack players decided it was time to take down our leaders in the campaign, so far — the Shawnee and Neutrals tribes. Nearly all of the players used “War” cards to get a chance to launch attacks on one of the two. Meanwhile, my Erie got a chance to play one of my favorite scenarios from Beaver Wars, Attack at the Portage. Click on Turn 8 above to read the report and see more photos.

Turn 9: Next-to-Last Turn Sees Leaders Scrambling to Stay Ahead of the Other Tribes


An Attacking Force of Mohawk braves Advance Through a Susquehannock Village

The next-to-last turn of the campaign saw the leading tribes attacking lower-placed (and marginally weaker) tribes in order to hold onto their lead. Of course, both players smiled and said that no, they just hadn’t played those opponents, yet! However, Keith got quite a bit more than he bargained for when he went against the youth-heavy Honniasont tribe. Click on Turn 9 above to see what happened, and check out more photos on the Lead Legionaries blog.

Turn 10: Shawnee & Neutrals Win Battles to Share Victory in Campaign


It came down to the final battles to determine the winner of the campaign — and the result turned out to be a tie! Both the Shawnee and Neutrals won their battles, but Keith as player in control of the tribe played his highest value “Hunt” card to pass up the player ahead of him and earn more victory points for beaver pelts obtained. The players all agreed it was a great campaign and a fun year of gaming. Congratulations to Keith and Joe!

Don’t forget to read Keith’s blog reports on the campaign for a more personal, intimate view of the action!

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