For King or Empress Game Reports

Battle of Mollwitz


Rules author Steve Verdoliva decided to use his Seven Years War big-battle, fast-play rules set, For King or Empress, to refight the opening engagement of the War of Austrian Succession. Although a Prussian victory, the Battle of Mollwitz, 1741, is infamous for Frederick the (not yet) Great fleeing the field when he thought the battle was lost. Read the game report and see more pictures on my Lead Legionaries blog.

Battle of Kolin at Cincycon 2016 (Photo Essay)

FKE at Cincycon2016

First Command member Keith Finn took photos of rules author Steve Verdoliva running the Battle of Kolin with his For King or Empress rules at Cincycon 2016. Check out the pictures here on Keith’s Blog, Orcafinn’s Basement

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