Q&P: The Boxer Rebellion


The Boxer Rebellion


An ancient nation, a powerful military and thousands of fanatical anti-foreign Boxers are arrayed against a handful of troops from eight nations. The foreign legations are under seige and foreigners are being murdered.

You have no choice, but to take the forces at hand, face the overwhelming enemy on the field of battle and either prevail or be annihilated. 

For Queen and Planet - The Boxer Rebellion - 1900 is a suplemental rule set. The Queen and Planet Core Rules are needed to play the game.

For Queen and Planet is a fast-play battalion level colonial and VSF rule set. This supplement recreates many of the most famous and less known battles of the Boxer Rebellion. For example, early in the rebellion the Qing Chinese tried to snuff out the rebellion, there were major and epic battles in Manchuria between the Russians and the Qing. 

While the focus of this suplement is the Seymour and Gaslee Expeditions, this supplement opens the door wider to shine a light on other players in the conflict (including one VSF scenario that postulates the Emperor Dowager has called on the 'Martians' of The War of the Worlds fame for assistance}.

The Boxer Rebellion Scenarios:

  1. Imperial Disfavor – May 14, 1900 – Qing vs. Boxer
  2. A Failed Advance – June 18, 1900 - Seymour Expedition vs. Kansu Braves/Boxer
  3. The Relief at Hsi-Ku Armory – June 25, 1900 – Seymour Expedition vs. Qing/Boxer
  4. The Battle of Daku (Taku) Forts– June 17–18, 1900 - Allies vs. Qing
  5. The Battle of Tientsin– July 13-14, 1900 – Eight Nations vs. Qing/Boxers
  6. The Battles of Pei-Tsang and Yangtsun – August 5-6, 1900 – Eight Nations vs. Qing/Boxer
  7. In Pursuit of Foreign Devils (VSF) – June 28, 1900 – Eight Nation vs. Qing/Boxer/Cephalopod
  8. Battles Along the Amur – June 28, 1900 – Qing vs. Russians


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